Crystal Chakra Alignment

Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means ‘wheel of light’. There are 7 major chakras that are the energy centres of the etheric body. Within the human body there are numerous Chakra energy centres, if any of these chakras become blocked or start to store unwanted energy our physical body may begin to manifest tension and discomfort. Day by day we collect positive and negative energy, this unfortunately cannot be avoided. Energy can be cleansed and brought back into balance bringing you back into alignment. It is essential to maintain the releasing of unwanted energy for physical health, cleansing your spirit and balancing your emotions. The 7 major chakra energy centres we work with are:

Crown – located top and centre of the head – colour violet

Third Eye – located between the eyes just above the eyebrows – colour indigo

Throat – located between inner collarbone – colour blue

Heart – located centre of chest – colour green

Solar Plexus – located one hand’s width above your navel – colour yellow

Sacral – located one hands width below your navel – colour orange

Root or Base – located at the base of your spine – colour red

By clearing these chakras, balance is restored, using colours of the chakras, crystals, sound and positive affirmations I can bring back a vibrant and healthy poise.