Mediumship Readings

Open your mind and let your reading journey begin…

A reading is about connecting to the guides and those who have passed over, who wish to answer and connect with you, these cannot be demanded of and the more relaxed you feel and by clearing your mind of expectations and obstacles, you will receive and experience a much clearer and deeper connection. It is all about what your spiritual guides wish to tell you and guide you about, but they will also be there to help you in whatever situation you are in. A reading is designed to move you forward and help you feel that you have experienced something that is “out of this world”!

As your Reader, I am here to understand and be the messenger…

If you specifically want to connect to someone this sometimes may not be possible but do not be concerned your guides are active constantly and a reading for advice on where you are heading or about a specific situation will be given because your own personal guides want you to know something. They will come through me and let you know their wisdom and your reading is only ever designed to help you.

A reading gives you the right information at the right time…

I will give you the information you need and you will not need to “feed” me information about your situation or yourself. You should feel comfortable to give out what you feel is right for your own benefit, or needs and whatever comes through will be what you are meant to receive at that time.

The importance of relaxing

Come through the door and be calm and relaxed, do not fear and do not worry, this will help you enjoy your experience and find that messages flow better too. Fear only creates more barriers, and nothing that is said is meant to be causing you more worry.

You can write down anything from the reading. Some messages may not mean much at the time, but always they will be relevant and possibly later you will recall why they came through and having a write up of the reading will help you to reconnect at other times in the future.

It’s all about you

I hope to provide you with a blessed and comforting or inspiring time and will do all I can to help you relax. I am here for you to experience a beautiful connection as much as a learning time and a more reassuring feeling that you never are really alone in your life journey.

This is your time and your chance to connect with those who love you from the spirit world and whatever comes through is always done with the greatest care and respect both for you and for those who wish to connect to you.

Hopefully you will feel you have had the experience which is all you wish it to be and I will do my best to make it so.


Please be assured all readings are private and confidential and no content will be published, passed on or used outside the reading with any third parties. Also under the code of conduct we will never pass your name or contact details to anyone else or other companies or related services, unless personally requested by you.

All readings are for your personal connection at the time, there are limitations on health and legal areas and we advise you should always seek professional outside advice on such areas.