Rahanni Celestial Healing


Truth – Love – Compassion


Rahanni was passed onto Carol Anne Stacey in August 2002. ‘Rahanni’ means, ‘of one heart’, it helps to bring back the balance of masculine and feminine energy. It helps us release fears and negativity we may have been holding onto during our life experiences. Rahanni works with the pink ray of light; it is a gentle and effective therapy that heals deeply at heart level. The healing energy travels down the crown centre, along the spine, going down the arms and through the hands towards the client. At this point you will start to feel peace, relaxation, and balance enchanting your bodies system.

Rahanni Celestial Healing is not a one hit wonder healing method; Rahanni Celestial Healing works best when received on a regular basis. The more regular you have it the deeper your experiences will be. Yes one session will make you feel good and relaxed but won’t target the healing the body actually needs and the maintenance that is required to keep the energy centres open and clear (the Chakras)

Hence the reason, I like to offer my clients who are serious about their wellness a Rahanni Celestial Healing Maintenance package. This package is made up of 5 sessions plus the 6th one free costing £275 saving you £55. For individual session costs please see Prices pages.

1 session a week for the first 3 weeks then 2 sessions a month thereafter and 1 session a month for the last part.