Yesterday I went to Toral for some Reiki, walking into her treatment room I instantly felt calm, Having an hours treatment I come away feeling relaxed and talking thought things I now know what to work on. Will be back for some more by the end of the year. Thank you xx
Client from UK – September 2017
Had a wonderfully relaxing Acu Sound Healing Therapy Session with Toral last Thursday at her lovely, tranquil room based within “Gorgeous Beauty’ Berkhamsted. A deeply relaxing and restorative therapy using Tuning Forks, Tibetan Bowl and Tibetan Bells… Toral is very approachable, knowledgable and warm. Looking forward to another session soon. As a fellow therapist, we need to know we also have a safe and healing outlet. Highly recommend…
Client from UK – August 2017
It was my first time experiencing a distant angelic reiki session. And let me just say it was exactly what I needed. It’s been days later and I feel more at ease and like myself. During the session, I honestly felt my heart open up and let out all the negative energy that was inside and then the healing reiki energy coming in. It was refreshing, my heart felt cleansed and not as heavy. I would definitely do it again. It helped me get more attuned with my own guardian and archangels 😇
Thank you so much, Toral❤
Client from USA – July 2017
I received angelic distant Reiki from Toral of Nirvana Holistic Therapies. When I went into the session, I felt very tense. I’d had a stressful day and still had so much to do. My mind and heart were racing, and I didn’t know how I would relax through a whole session. But soon I felt a warm, fuzzy sensation in my head. That stayed with me the whole time even though I was fully alert. I felt such peace, warmth, and love. I also managed to meditate a bit which I often struggle with. I obtained some direction for my life at the moment. When I left the session, I expected the stress to return, but I felt relaxed and at peace for a while afterwards. What a powerful session.
Client from South Africa – July 2017
Dear Toral, I just want to say a big thank you for all the help, support and healing you have done for me, I came to see you when I was feeling very low and emotionally drained, you helped me pick myself up with your sessions and you always believed I would be ok, you truly are an inspiration, what you have been through and how you deal with life has been a real eye-opener for me, thank you earth angel.
Sam Client from Hertfordshire, UK – November 2016
I had an Angelic Reiki session with Toral and it was a heart-warming experience, it was my first Angelic Reiki session so I was a bit nervous but Toral soon made me feel comfortable. It was very relaxing and I slept well for days after the treatment, I will definitely be going back for regular treatments and highly recommend Toral, she is a natural healer and a kind hearted woman.
Alice, Client from Hertfordshire, UK – September 2016
“When I had my first Reiki session I was unsure of what to expect, but I was reassured by Toral she explained what she would do and then I had my first session. I felt so relaxed & calm after the session ended I explained everything I was feeling and what I had felt during my session. I couldn’t wait for my next session and have one session every week for the last few months and after each session felt more relaxed and have felt my stress levels ease. Can’t wait for my next session”
Client from Hertfordshire, UK – July 2016
This was my first experience of Reiki and I had no idea what to expect. I found it to be very restful and calming and during the treatment. After the treatment I felt extremely sleepy but also mellow and more able to cope and be in control. I had not been sleeping well but after reiki my sleep pattern was much improved. The following week I had a dental appointment – I normally am very afraid and nervous of the dentist – but I just lay down in his chair and he got on with it. I had the treatment without painkilling injections too! All in all, a very positive and enriching experience which I would happily undergo again.
Rosy, Client from Hertfordshire, UK – March 2016
I felt comfortable expressing my concerns with Toral and during the Reiki treatment I felt very quickly at ease and yet open to whatever I may experience. I felt so much power during and after my session and yet a sense of calm contemplation. It’s hard to say where my healing started and where it ended because it seems to be constantly never ending! The Reiki stays with you in ways you can’t imagine. I will never forget my session with Toral and I plan on visiting her again and referring friends and family who may need something more in their healing journey or just in their general life path! Big thanks to Toral! She is a mindful, kind, loving and uplifting soul and a talented Reiki Master!”
Client from Miami, USA – February 2016
I had heard about Reiki but never experienced it so thought I would try it, I had recently had a miscarriage and was feeling pretty low and was in need of some kind of boost. I had mentioned to Toral about my miscarriage and she said she would take more time to concentrate on that particular area. She had asked me beforehand if she could put her hands on my tummy area during the healing and I was happy for her to do so, when she got to my tummy area and she put her hands on my tummy I could feel the energy through her hands clearing the areas that needed attention, all the emotions running through my head calmed down. I felt like the leftover bits of the miscarriage had been cleared and I had some kind of closure. My experience was overwhelming and without a doubt I would recommend Toral for any healing work, she’s kind, caring, compassionate and very powerful.
Client from London, UK – January 2015

June 2020

Prior to meeting Toral for a reike session (my 1st) I wasn’t so convinced it was something for me… She quickly made me feel relaxed and at complete ease, and no matter what mind set I entered with, I couldn’t believe how calming this was to mind body & soul. Toral, is a special person who is incredibly receptive to people’s emotions & feelings. There were moments I drifted away mentally – it’s just the effect she had! I left feeling so much better and whilst hard to describe it – it’s just something I couldn’t recommend enough – so very reasonably priced aswell. See you again soon, Toral :

R Shivraj


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